jumwa: She was fresh out of high school, naive, but so…


She was fresh out of high school, naive, but so enthusiastic. That’s the way he liked ‘em. “Damn girl, you’re so pretty.”

She blushed, but never stopped her motions, never slowed her delectable clench of his cock as it spasmed within her. “Thanks,” she said in her soft little voice, such a light and delicate thing. “You’re sure though… right?” 

He smiled and with his strong hand on her hip helped speed up her motions as he felt the fire of release slowly build from the base of his shaft. “Oh yeah baby,” he husked, “the first time you can’t get pregnant. Everyone knows that.”

Virgins, they could be so sweet and innocent.

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anjasa: “Mr. Petrel,” she whimpered once more. His cock exposed…


“Mr. Petrel,” she whimpered once more.

His cock exposed to her out of the v-shaped opening of his pants, he bent over the desk, resting a palm flat to its surface above her shoulder as he let his other hand explore her thigh, up over her skirt, to her chest again. “I resisted you too long already, Tiffany,” he said. Then she felt it — the probing, pre-cum slickened tip of his cock brushing against her slit as he bent down and nipped at her neck, kissing her on the other side.

“I don’t care about anything as long as I can have you,” he stated in a deep voice, the first nudge of his crown against her slit following.

She let out a cry, but feeling his heated member against her sex sent something through her that she wasn’t certain she could describe. It was something so primal and wanting that it took all of her remaining power to murmur, “Shouldn’t we be safe?”

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jumwa: When the principal had taken her aside the day before…


When the principal had taken her aside the day before and told her that her short skirt was an invitation to men to ogle and harass her, she took it to heart.

The next day she showed up outside his office, her skirt hiked up higher and her panties left in her locker. 

He’d looked so angry at first, but once she was in his office and bent over his desk, that began to change fast. The lashes across her ass helped wipe the sour look from his face, but really it was the suckle of her pouty lips that brought the smile. And the moans.

“Dirty little slut,” he grunted out, his fingers curling into her blonde hair as he forced his cock into her mouth deeper. “I warned you what would happen, and you didn’t listen.”

Her finger slipped into her own damp folds, feeling the quiver that passed through her canal as she listened to his admonishments. “You’re gonna wish you had after I fuck you, because I don’t hold back and I don’t pull out for little tarts.” 


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